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Hong Kong People Community -- 香港‧時‧地‧人

Hong Kong People -- 香港‧時‧地‧人
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Hong Kong People Community -- 香港‧時‧地‧人

The Community
Do you think HKers are nice and friendly? Do you want to share your views with other HKers? Do you want to read open journals of other HKers? Do you love Hong Kong? Join us if you live in Hong Kong or you are interested in here.
There is over 1.3k Hong Kong people registered here but there is only a few HK community. For most users, they have free accounts and cannot do region search. The establisment of this community is to handle these problems and bring pleasure to all HKers here.

Introduce yourself :)
Please introduce yourself to us after you join so that we know more about you.

How old are you?
Are you Chinese?
Do you live in HK?
Which part of HK you are in?
Are you a student? If so, what are you studying?
Add more if you want.

1. No insults and offences.
2. No racism.
3. No flaming.
4. Respect freedom of speech.
5. Post in Chinese or English if possible.

Words from the Founder
Writing journals can help one know more about oneself.
Reading journals of the same region can help one know more about different people in different situations.

Reading, sharing and giving comments can show support to others and make one know about the place one lives better and better.